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Resin Art Creations


‘Defying Gravity Art Creations’ began in 2010 as an air-brushing business.  One of our main aims of our business was to create beautiful and imaginative pieces, many inspired by our clients. In the early days, these pieces were born exclusively from their imaginations.

As time went on Michelle discovered her interest in developing interesting shapes which she individually painted and coated in resin.  She found that her talent in air brushing really bought these pieces to life.  Our resin art creations came to be an evolving and developing part of the business. They have now become a huge element of ‘Defying Gravity Art Creations’ with on-going commissions and ‘off the shelf’ purchases.

The Resin Art gives the client the opportunity to get involved in the creative process if they wish to. Whilst many clients have a very vivid idea of what they want, reproducing that themselves is impossible. Michelle is proud to say that she works collaboratively to create a piece that matches or even improves upon their idea.

Michelle came up with the idea of creating interesting shapes that can be hung on the wall in different configurations. This means that each and every arrangement is unique to its’ owner.  With hundreds of designs to choose from, there will be a piece that will fit perfectly into your home, office space or as a gift. You can move these pieces and arrange them in the formation that they ‘talk’ to you best. You will be part of the creative process whether that is with a commissioned piece or a pre-made creation. You have the option of adding more pieces, colours and designs to your original piece.

Resin Art Creations

It also means that you can move the pieces around, creating a whole new look, if you want to!

The concept of being able to re-design your wall art with the existing pieces is a new concept. Visit our SHOP to see what is currently available.

The pieces tend to be bright and bold but if you are looking for something specific please do not hesitate to Contact Us for a conversation.

The art is multi-layered:
There is the shape of the piece
There is the configuration of the pieces
The colours and the depth and effect of the resin itself
All making up an amazing original artwork on the wall.

We are based in Redcliffe in the Moreton Bay region but ship Nationally.